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an Internet of Things Project

The Customer

The Kelvin Project was a Swiss project aimed to help companies to know the electricity consumption habits of its employees. Using smart meters connected to each work desk the consumption was measured and wirelessly sent to a central processing unit.

The Request

Even though the hardware performed very well, the Kelvin Project wasn't able to convince the companies about the value of the installation and the use of the gathered data. BeHappy was requested to create and design a Service on top of the hardware that could provide an added value that made the technology attractive to use in this B2B strategy.

The Idea

If you knew the company's electricity consumption, wouldn't you try to reduce it? Save costs, make the world more ecological and reduce waste. Further research showed that employees were aware that electricity use could be improved with better habits.

The Challenge

But there was something important to be solved here: how would you engage employees in the task? Employees needed to find out how much electricity they were using, think if they were wasting it and, if so, needed motivation to fix it.

Our work

Our Role

BeHappy created a service that could connect the physical world with a digital platform that could make employees to know and improve their electricity consumption habits. Taking the information from the smart meters that informed in real time of the electricity used by the devices of the employees, making consumption the main ingredient of a business game where employees were rewarded by saving costs.

The Process

BeHappy researched with interviews and included users in the process of defining the service that made data available. The gamification was defined working together with corporate management to integrate it seamlessly in the daily life of the company, using a number of prototypes to define and refine the rewarding system to be logical and attractive.

The Results

The business game was immediately adopted by companies like Google, Roche, IWB AXPO or Cofely, reaching savings over 50% of their previous cost per employee in electricity use.

The Future

Monitoring allowed us to gather ideas that later became new business games, related to improving the health habits of the employees. If you can save costs in electricity, you can also save health related costs, but that's another story!


The Kelvin Project has received a number of Swiss Awards, such as the KMU Award or the Top100 Startup Award. But what makes us more proud is to have been able to create a solution that is widely used with great satisfaction from all its stakeholders.

The Platform

Kelvin was designed with a responsive interface in order to be multi-device. Access was easy and straight forward no matter the official systems or devices deployed.

The User Interface was a really challenging part, since it had to be fun but at the same time keep a corporate feeling. A complete brand-new set of icons and Scalable Vector Graphics were created for the platform for it to be intuitive and improve the User Experience. The feedback from the users was clear: their feeling about the platform is that it was helpful for them.


The gamification was the key part of the service design. Promoting user engagement was the main effort in the User Experience process of the project, and for this different kind of motivational games, which happened weekly and monthly were part of the onboarding process. A complete rewarding system was also designed, which included badges related to specific goals and gifts from the company.

It was encouraged to form teams and collaborates with other department to reach company or building wise goals, producing an improvement also in the company's social environment.


Connect people with their surroundings making the old world to have a new face using the data generated in a meaningful way for the consumers. This is a very exemplary project that demonstrates that physical and digital environments can be integrated in order to deliver a new era of progress using proper Service Design for the Internet of Things.

Business Intelligence

A good solution is meaningful for all the stakeholders. A complete reporting dashboard was ready for the management for keep track of the progress and positive effects of the game in the results of the company.

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